Train Travel from Rewari Junction (RE) Haryana to Amritsar Junction (ASR) Punjab by Ajmer ASR Express

Travelling is one of my passions, especially when it is with my friends. I had heard a lot about the Golden Temple of Amritsar and other important places there and decided to visit the place with my friends. Choosing a budget travel, I booked tickets for all the five of us in the train. The train travel from Rewari Junction (RE) Haryana to Amritsar Junction (ASR) Punjab by Ajmer ASR Express takes only about 15 hours.

The train was scheduled to reach Rewari Junction at 12 in the night, so I had my dinner by 9 pm and packed my bags fast. I packed some woolen clothes as it will be cold and I have a habit of catching cold easily. Another thing I didn’t forget to pack was my SLR camera. I had also bought some snack packets that we can have on the way.

I reached the station by 11.30 pm and saw that the other four friends have already arrived. We were excited about the trip and waited for the train to arrive. Soon the announcement came and the train arrived. Although it was midnight, there was a rush of passengers to board the train. As the train stopped only for five minutes at the station, we soon got inside and found our seats. I saw that I got the upper berth. I kept my bag on the berth and sat down.

The train took off exactly at 12.05 am and we sat together discussing what to do once we reach Amritsar. My friend had a map of Amritsar with all the important places marked. We decided to refer it and plan accordingly. Soon we all got tired and went off to sleep.

steaming tea in firozpur station

Steaming Tea in Firozpur Station | Image Resource :

puris with hot potato curry at  firozpur station

Puris With Hot Potato Curry at Firozpur Station | Image Resource :

I got up at 7.45 in the morning and saw that the train was about to stop in the next station, which was Firozpur Cant. Soon the train arrived at the station and it had a halt there for 25 minutes. We got down in the station, had a cup of steaming tea and puris with hot potato curry. We reached Amritsar Junction by 2.45 pm. The train travel from Rewari Junction (RE) Haryana to Amritsar Junction (ASR) Punjab by Ajmer ASR Express was really fun.

amritsar junction

Amritsar Junction | Image Resource :


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