Golden Temple – Hari Mandir, Punjab – Fills You with Spiritual Peace

With my visit to Punjab getting interesting, I had my plans cut out for the next days. Visiting historic places was always something that I loved and Golden Temple – Hari Mandir was one place that I longed to visit. Now that the opportunity has come, I was eager to get inside and view all that was in store for the visitors. I had also plans to take some excellent photographs of the temple. So after visiting Jallianwala Bagh we went to visit temple, which was close to the memorial. As we reached nearer, we were spell bound with the beauty of the temple. It is completely golden in color and the architecture reflects a blending of Hindu and Muslim style, although it has its own unique style. It is built in marble and plated with gold and adorned with precious stones.

golden temple hari mandir punjab

Golden Temple Hari Mandir Punjab | Image Resource :

The temple is built in the middle of a lake and there is a beautiful pathway leading to the temple entrance. As we walked along the path we were struck by the beauty of the surrounding area and the sweet melodious voice from the temple chanting the prayers from the Adi Granth, the sacred scripture of the Sikhs. Before entering the temple, we washed our feet in the lake and to ensure that the temple is kept clean devoid of any dirt. It is estimated that about 100,000 people come on weekdays to pray and also to view the beauty of the temple.

lake view of golden temple punjab

Lake View of Golden Temple Punjab | Image Resource :

The first thing that caught my eyes on entering the temple was the Adi Grantha, placed on a platform adorned with jewels. It contains a collection of poems and hymns composed by Sikh Gurus and also by Hindu and Muslim saints. The verses from the scripture are chanted melodiously throughout the day, from early in the morning to late at night. They are also inscribed on the walls of the temple. The temple offered a peaceful atmosphere, although it was full of devotees and visitors. All were silent and moved about solemnly. Near the temple there was a large dining hall capable of accommodating 35,000 people. The visit to the temple filled us with spiritual peace and even after we left the temple, the music from the temple lingered in my mind.


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