Bathinda Lake, Punjab – A Perfect place to Visit in the Evenings

On the evening that we reached the hotel, we decided to visit Bathinda Lake, Punjab, which was located at about a two and half hour’s drive from the hotel. We had the cab arranged at the travel desk and started from the hotel at 2.30 pm after having lunch. Bathinda Lake is one of the main reasons why people visit the city of Bathinda. We reached the lake by 5.00 pm and saw that the place was filled with adults and children. The spacious parking area made parking of vehicles easy.

bathinda lake punjab

Bathinda Lake Punjab | Image Resource :

The lake and the surrounding area were very beautiful and I saw that there were many water sports such as boating, water scooters and Kashmir Shikaras. The walk way around the lake is perfect for those who want to take morning walk or evening walk enjoying fresh air from the lake. Many were already walking around the lake with their companions or family. There were also many sitting arrangements around the lake for the visitors to sit and have a view of the lake. We took a walk around the lake and then sat down, watching the people passing by and taking a ride on the lake.  A lot of visitors were busy riding the water scooters and boats. There were also Shikaras on the lake for the visitors to enjoy a ride on the water.

parasailing bathinda lake punjab

Parasailing Bathinda Lake Punjab | Image Resource :

Watar Scooter riding bathinda lake punjab

Watar Scooter Riding Bathinda Lake Punjab | Image Resource :

Another attraction on the lake was parasailing, which was introduced recently. We also had a try on the water scooters and parasailing. It was full of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of parasailing.

We saw many children enjoying the boat ride with their parents. I took a few photographs of the lake and the surrounding area. We sat at the side of the lake enjoying the music played and watching the colored lights lighting up as the darkness fell. It was a very spectacular sight and mesmerized all the spectators.

After spending some time at the lake, we got up and went to one of the restaurants near the lake. The local food offered at the restaurant was very tasty. Soon it was dark and we went back to the hotel.


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