Makalu-Barun National Park, Punjab – Makes You Acquainted with a Number of Birds and Animals

With the memories of Royal Bardia National Park and Bathinda Lake fresh in mind, we headed to visit Makalu-Barun National Park, which is one of the beautiful national parks. It has got its name from Mt. Makalu, the fifth highest peak in the world. The park spreads on an area of 2300 sq km and has some of the rarest species of flora and fauna in the world. The park was established in 1992.

makau barun national park punjab

Makalu Barun National Park Punjab | Image Resource :

A large part of it is covered by forest area consisting of various trees such as Oak, Maple, Sal and Magnolia. It also has about 47 varieties of Orchids. As we reached the place, we saw many tourists getting inside and we too joined the crowd. Walking along, we could see many flowering plants, including some that we had never seen earlier. The walking trails took us to many places and we could see many animals, plants and birds. I was busy taking photographs of the animals and birds and the beautiful scenery around.

Oak tree at mabarun national park punjab

Oak Tree at Makalu Barun National Park Punjab | Image Resource :

We were told by the guide that the park is inhabited by many animals such as leopard, snow leopard, jungle cat, leopard cat, languor, musk deer, red panda, Himalayan wolf, Himalayan goral, red fox, barking deer, and so on. A large number of butterflies of various sizes were also seen in the park, which looked very beautiful with colorful wings. The park is an ideal place for the ornithologists, with as many as 440 species of birds. I also spotted many birds and had a busy time taking their photographs. Some of them were rare species that are to be protected.

We had a jeep safari that took us through various parts of the park and enabled us to watch some of the animals in the interior. Being an animal lover, I took photos of some animals such as red panda, weasel, barking deer, etc. The camping facility is also provided at the park and those who would like to spend the night here can opt for it. There was also bonfire and bird watching for those interested in such activities. The visit to the park was really a wonderful experience for all of us and we returned taking with us beautiful memories of the animals and birds that we saw in the park.


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