Brothers’ Dhaba, Amritsar – An Excellent Place for All Those Who Love Food

Other than travelling with my friends and visiting ancient places and historic places, good food is another weakness I have. Everywhere I go, I never miss the local foods offered at the dhabas and restaurants. So after visiting the Golden Temple at Amritsar, we decided to go to the Brothers’ dhaba, which was famous in the city for the excellent food served. It has been serving since 2001, and proved to be a hit with the people with its excellent service and delicious food. Located quite near to the Golden Temple, it attracts everyone with the rich aroma of various dishes. It is the number one dhaba in the city, serving pure vegetarian food to the customers.

brothers' dhaba, amritsar, punjab

Brother’s Dhaba Amritsar Punjab | Image Resource :

We entered the dhaba and saw that it was a modern place well-kept and clean, with all facilities. It served authentic Punjabi food and also other dishes such as the South Indian dishes, Chinese cuisines, Pizza, burger, chats, ice cream, milk shakes, etc.

Sarson ke saag is one of the specialties here, made with mustard leaves and spices. This is served with makki di roti, which is smeared with ghee. Aloo ka kulcha is another attraction here, made with maida and boiled potatoes. The maida is kneaded with curd, sugar, oil and spices and then filled with boiled potatoes. It is then flattened and heated with ghee to make the dish. Anyone who visits Punjab cannot go back without tasting the lassi, one of the specialties in Punjab. It is made with yogurt, sugar, milk cream, etc. The dhaba is well-known for the delicious lassi served, chilled with lots of cream and sugar and ice cubes.

sweet thali in brothers’ dhaba amritsar

Sweet Thali In Brothers’ Dhaba Amritsar | Image Resource :

pizza in brothers’ dhaba amritsar

Pizza in Brothers’ Dhaba Amritsar | Image Resource :

special thali in brothers’ dhaba amritsar

Special Thali in Brothers’ Dhaba Amritsar | Image Resource :

We ordered all the four specialties of the Dhaba and had a wonderful lunch that we will never forget. The roti had the distinct flavor of spices and ghee and sarson ke saag was excellent to taste. I never thought mustard could be made so tasty. We also ordered chhole bature and palak paneer. The lassi was so tasty that I had a second helping. For a foodie like me, it was really a wonderful experience. After the lunch we got out, the flavors of the food still lingering in our mind.


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