Top 10 Techniques for Clicking Better Pictures

The other day I was at one of the local beaches with my camera. I was indulged in clicking snaps, when along came a group of teenage boys, who perhaps, were using SLR for the very first time. Although it was depressing to see them disrespecting the camera, I could not hold my sarcastic laughter.

camera reflection shot

Camera Reflection Shot | Image Resource :

Well, it is not a taboo or something like that. However, if done right along with paying a little attention to certain factors, anyone can click professional photographs! Therefore, owing to the situation, here I share top 10 techniques for clicking better pictures

1. Move in closer to your subject. Take a shot and then again try to move in closer for a better view and much clearer shot.

2. Stay in ready position and be quick. Your subject will not stay there forever; hence always keep your cam clutched in your hands.

3. Make every effort to bring out the most desirable, likeable and loveable snapshot. Even if you are not planning to sell your masterpiece, make sure your snap is balanced and beautiful.

4. There is no problem in you being selective, rather, photography demands you to stay choosy and remove unwanted elements out of the frame.

5. Your chosen subject should have your focus. Whether you are clicking portraits or landscapes, keep your focus on the subject for beautiful images.

6. Try hands on shutter speed and click timeless snaps of waterfall or your baby’s first smile.

7. Study light carefully before taking a shot. Look at the areas where shadows are falling or places where silhouette shots are possible.

8. Considering the weather is one of the most important tips for a better photo-shoot. Decide beforehand whether you want the sky to appear in your images or not.

9. Simple camera settings work big time. Make sure you do not overdo with camera settings.

10. Finally, be bold enough. If you want to click photos of random people, take courage and ask them if it is okay. Similarly, for wildlife photography and photos alike, go ahead and adopt low-impact methods for high quality pictures.

For me, my passion, my first love and my soul mate is Photography. That one thing comes first before anything else. If I were not clicking snaps, you would rather find me teaching people the very basics of photography. Follow the aforementioned steps and enjoy photography at its best!


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