Train Travel from Rohtak Junction to Gorakhpur by Gorakdam Express

Traveling is one of the inevitable parts of my life. It is something to which I can never deny and which is why I keep on discovering new places. This year’s winter was more than pleasing and I was looking forward to visiting new places. As February was approaching and the Indian climate was taking its various swings through the mixture of chilled wind in the evening and warm sun in the day, I decided to plan a trip to Uttar Pradesh with my friends. As I had already decided to make the trip within a limited budget, I planned to travel from Rohtak to Gorakhpur via train. Train travel from Rohtak Junction (rok) to Gorakhpur (gkp) by Gorakdam Express proved to be one of the most happening and joyous travel experiences.

The Gorakhdam Express starts from Hissar and the last station is at Gorakhpur junction. As the train facility is available between these routes on a daily basis, our job got easier. The train departs from Hissar station at about 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon and reaches at Rohtak junction at 6:35 p.m. Me and my friends reached Rohtak junction in time and got on the train as it stays for as less as 2 minutes in that particular junction. Owing to the budgetary constraints, we had booked tickets in the 3-tier air conditioned class.

gorakdam express

Gorakdam Express | Image Resource :

The train covers through few of the major stations in the north India like New Delhi, Kanpur Central, Unnao, Lucknow etc. People from these major stations got up in the train and it was nearly occupied all through the journey. Our entire journey was about 15 hours, and within that time I enjoyed some of the finest services by the IRCTC. We were also provided with blankets and sheets to cover the berths.

Other than the Rohtak junction and Gorakhpur junction, the Gorakdam Expresses halts at 12 different stations. Our train reached its final destination at 9:50 a.m. in the next day. The journey was about 15 hours long, yet I was afresh as I really enjoyed a comfortable ride with a sound sleep in the night. Train travel from Rohtak Junction (rok) to Gorakhpur (gkp) by Gorakdam Express will be listed as a special journey in the list of my favorites.


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