Allahabad Fort, Uttar Pradesh – A Majestic Repository of History

It was the first day of my visit to Uttar Pradesh. I have heard about the state and its enthralling beauty it contains in the form of varied flora and fauna. However, Uttar Pradesh is one such Indian state which is well known for the architectural monuments and ancient memorials. Visiting tourist spots and especially those places which throw certain light on the history of the country attracts me. I and friends planned to visit Allahabad Fort on the very first day.

allahabad fort uttar pradesh

Allahabad Fort, Uttar Pradesh | Image Resource :

The fort’s history drags it to the fourteenth century when it was built by then emperor, Akbar, the Great. It was built in the year 1583 near the banks of river Yamuna. The cool breeze from the river maintains ambience of the climate and people flock around to enjoy the romance of the air mixed with the radiance of magical Indian history. Allahabad Fort is more or less like a landmark of the state as it is the largest fort built during Akbar’s reign. The architectural designs and unique patterns of craftsmanship set it apart from rest of the memorials. As we moved on inside the fort, we could also see three large galleries. Actually, moving in the fort was not that easy. The fort is now-a-days maintained and operated by the Indian army, so one needs to have prior permission to get inside it. Thanks to one my friends, whose uncle works in Indian Defense and because of whom we got the permission.

The period during fourteenth century is considered to be the medieval period of the Indian history and the unique mastery over the art and architecture can be clearly seen on the walls of the fort. The giant Ashoka Pillar is also present here which is about 10.6 meters high. Monographs, inscriptions, and royal edicts of Ashoka are clearly visible through the patterns on the gigantic pillar. There is also the Jodha Bai’s palace within the fort which shows a unique confluence of Islamic and Hindu architecture. I had a great zeal in visiting the Saraswati Kund present here, as it also unfolds few mysteries of the nature and Indian history. But that part of the fort is not open for general public.

After an eventful day, we returned back to our hotel carrying memorable experiences.


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