My Train Journey from Rohtak (Haryana) to Shimla via Delhi was Awesome

Hi! I am here again with my exciting account of my trip to Shimla. Being a travel enthusiast, I never stay away visiting and exploring places. After trying for over a month, I finally managed to get hold of a train ticket of the Kisan Express (14520), which was actually the first step of my train journey from Rohtak (Haryana) to Shimla via Delhi. The Kisan Express, like any other Indian train, just fitted my needs and provided an absolutely comfortable journey for me at a very reasonable price. Amidst a bunch of high school students who were going to Delhi for a rock concert, my journey from Haryana to Delhi wasn’t boring at all. I’ve always felt that there is a certain sense of pleasure to be felt when you travel alone and then meet new people in a train. I generally travel alone, so it’s always nice for me to exchange ideas and stories with the people I’ve met, meet and will be meeting in my adventures, my journeys. I love to use my camera, and capture their expressions, actions and smiles. Almost automatically it becomes evidence, a diary and journal.

kisan express

Kisan Express | Image Resource :

That is one of the reasons why I had decided to divide my journey into two parts. I decided to stay at Delhi for a while after a cosy but engaging trip from home to Delhi. Of course, Delhi itself gives you reason enough to stay there. So after I got off the train I searched for a hotel, which would fit my requirements because as always I was under a budget. After 10 minutes of asking around I found just the fit – Hotel Chand Palace Delhi. The hotel exceeded my expectations and I spent a bulk six hours in it letting my body have its much needed rest while my mind was craving for the journey to Shimla.

hotel chand palace delhi

Hotel Chand Palace Delhi | Image Resource :

city land travels

City Land Travels | Image Resource :

I never plan my journeys beforehand, so like always I didn’t have any bookings done for a car, or a bus. I constantly reminded myself of the tight budget that I was under and gave up the idea of renting a car and bought a bus ticket from City Land Travels and boarded it. That journey proved immensely significant for my photography. I was exposed to more open spaces then and the wind and the sunlight constantly brushed against my camera lens. I’ve always believed that it’s only in the presence of nature that you can take a “Picture Perfect”. That was just the chance. Next up was Hotel Osheen, Shimla – a place which had been recommended to me time and again, and my train journey from Rohtak (Haryana) to Shimla via Delhi was just the beginning.


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