An Abode of Serenity – Jakhu Temple, Shimla

After my visit to the Christ Church, my next destination was Jakhu Temple, Shimla. I’d made up my mind that I would no longer be a tourist in this world of magnificence. Just capturing images of passing by would not be enough. I wanted to live in them and possess them as eternal sources of joy and ecstasy. The Jakhu Temple, Shimla was one such source.  It was about 2.5 km from the Ridge. Shimla never ceased to amaze me as the Jakhu Hills also proved to be a place for a photographer. The Hills being Shimla’s highest peak opened up a panoramic view of the Shivalik Ranges.  I had decided to walk from the Ridge to the Jhakhu Temple and saw a number of beautiful pictures, a part of which I saw through my camera lens.

jakhu temple, shimla

Jakhu Temple, Shimla | Image Resource :

Legend has it that Lord Hanuman had stopped here to rest when he was searching for the Sanjivani Booti to bring Laxman back to life.  I felt as if that would be my resting place too as I was on the adventure of my life. When I arrived, boards and signs made me aware of the notorious monkeys, which were found here. I left my shoe at the shoe stand, rang the temple bell for luck and entered the temple. The temple unlike most other temples that I’ve been to was like an abode of serenity. Everything was so full of peace. There were some devotees and the head priest (I’d guess) and some other tourists like me. Luckily, photography was allowed inside the temple. So I took a number of pictures in low light with Hanuman ji and the Jakhu hills in the backdrop.

Several eateries welcomed me at the temple site. Being a foodie, I searched and found some delicious food at really cheap prices. I was living every moment of my life. The solace and the mystic vibes, which the Jakhu Temple, Shimla had, was appealing to me at different levels. That place was one of a kind. But next up was the Hip Hip Hurray Amusement Park, Shimla. I was extremely excited about that.


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