Photo Art Gallery, Shimla – A Must-Visit Place

After an amusing day left behind, I just visited the place every photographer should visit when one came to Shimla, the Photo Art Gallery, Shimla.

It was a Saturday and the gallery extended its working hours on that day, so I gave myself some extra resting hours and got up late. I took a bus and the trip to the gallery was a short one. The weather looked gloomy and I felt that it was a perfect day to stay indoors. As soon as I reached the gallery I was bombarded with posters and banners hanging from all around making people aware of the importance of the gallery as well as the upcoming exhibitions. The photo gallery is an infamous destination and is ranked as one of top places to visit in Shimla. I felt like the whole of the Himachal could be explored under one roof. There were over 20,000 photographs clicked by the brilliant and infamous Inder Pal. I gazed at a picture of the Christ Church and was left with awe. Such solid and brilliant work was hard to come by. Also when I looked at other pictures like that of the Viceregal Lodge, the Chandratal Lake, the Bhimkali Lake and the photo gallery itself, I felt that the true beauty of those places had come out in his photographs not because of the apparatus he has used on these, but his sense of photography and the eye for detail. I felt inspired, small and lucky all at the same time.

photo art gallery, shimla

Photo Art Gallery, Shimla | Image Resource :

But it wasn’t only Inder Pal whose works were on display, other amateur photos were also to be seen. In fact a certain section of the gallery was taking in photos for free and if the photos were selected they were being put straight on display. Subjects like fine art, nature, wild life, travel and landscape were more on display. I was permitted to take photos but flashes were strictly prohibited. So I had to cleverly adjust my camera in a way that I could take images of those lovely photographs in low light. In vicinity was a place called the Potter’s Hill, where I had the luxury of having tea and wildlife both at the same time to my disposal. I stayed there for over 4 hours and thought that it was only fitting to have come to the Photo Art Gallery, Shimla before visiting the Himachal State Museum, which was up next on my list of places to visit.


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