Hotel Osheen Shimla – Comfort At Its Best

After another amusing journey from Delhi through a lively, colourful and enriching way I finally reached Shimla. Like I’ve said I do not plan beforehand. So I did something which any typical Indian would often do, ask a Taxiwala. One of them took me to a small, but cosy looking place, which I declared to be a nice fit for me; it was the Hotel Osheen Shimla.

When you are in a tourist destination, which is also a capital, you get all the accessories you need for your camera. The Hotel Osheen came as a blessing from God as I got to stay in a room which overlooked a brilliant view of the snowy peaks and the deep, lush-green forests on the hills. The greed that came to a passionate camera man, an adventurer like me is insatiable. I could see and feel nature from inside my room. The untouched, unspoiled, pure and divine form of nature in what is known as the “Queen of Hill Stations” was before me. I almost felt like a hungry giant, with a belief that I would eat everything but could only manage so little. I would just sit and relax and would forget everything for a while.

hotel osheen, shimla

Hotel Osheen Shimla | Image Resource :

Though there were a number of places to visit in Shimla, I didn’t want to leave my room. It was as if I was living in air and clouds. It was such a strange feeling, with the change of lights in the sky, with all my spot lights coming out. With a superfast shutter speed I kept on capturing, writing and etching in my mind. At times I would just order room service and would just sit at the Veranda. I ordered for a cup of tea made with Yak’s milk which was a perfect fit for a perfect situation to make it picture perfect.

I went out afterwards. The heritage buildings, a treat for my camera, were still well maintained and preserved in their Tudor revival architecture. I zoomed in on the Viceregal Lodge which runs the Indian Institute of Advanced Study and Wildflower. I came back to my room and again got lost in trance. For the scenic beauty was too good to ignore, for the location was one of a kind, one of my best discoveries as it turned out to be, the Hotel Osheen Shimla. Tomorrow I’d be dedicating the entire day to Christ Church, a place which is known for its solace and serenity.


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