Dorje Drag Monastery – Calmness at A New Level

Dorje Drag Monastery, Shimla is approximately 16 kilometres away from central Shimla, so my ever dependence on buses came into play there as well. That monastery promised more photographs and knowledge and maybe a bit of incarnation as well.

The monastery was actually built to replace the original, which was founded by Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche. For a Haryana boy who has had the simplest of lives, those names were tough. The original was destroyed due to the Chinese invasion of Tibet. But the tradition of the monastery continues till date and the throne holder resides there. I had fitted my camera there for low level lighting but to my surprise the indoors were actually pretty well lit with chrome lights giving it a very pious feel. But the one thing that was common in almost all the places I had visited since I had gone to Shimla, the abundant serenity that was prevalent, was to be found there as well.

dorje drag monastery

Dorje Drag Monastery | Image Resource :

The Monastery was one of the two most significant Nyingma sect monasteries in provincial Tibet. Under the patronage of the 7th Dalai Lama, the rebuilding process had begun in 1720 but during the 1960s it was again obliterated. But gradually through time and with the efforts of the present Dordrak and also the government, the Dorje Drak then stood tall in front of me. I felt so small and unworthy before the building, the history and the legacy of that place. Inside the monastery, the sun was playing its own games. Due to a pair of designed glass windows, the central area of the monastery was very well lit. There, inside the light stood a very small girl, a local and she looked very beautiful. It was as if God was filling her up with all the power he had and she was emitting the extra bit to us. It was a wonderful sight, and I felt as if it was magic, as the girl swayed round and round. I was so much engulfed in that scene that I completely forgot that I had an expensive camera hanging around my neck.

But even without that picture, I’d learnt so much from the Dorje Drag monastery in such short time. But impatient as I’ve always was, I headed for the infamous Kinner Kailash Parikrama Trek, Shimla.

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