My Train Travel from Rohtak Junction to Patna Junction by U A Toofan Express

Being a photographer by profession, I am a nature loving person and love visiting scenic places and take many photographs of nature. I am also an animal lover and am interested in wildlife photography. Camping, trekking, paragliding and bungee jumping are my other hobbies. Ancient and historic places also attract me. Whenever I get time off from my work, I go travelling with my friends visiting tourist spots all over India. Last weekend we went to visit Patna and booked tickets for my train travel from Rohtak Junction to Patna Junction by U A Toofan Express.

u a toofan express

U A Toofan Express | Image Resource :

This time only one of my friends accompanied me as others were all busy. The train was scheduled to arrive at Rohtak Junction at 4.03 am and had stoppage only for 4 minutes. I had my bags packed for the journey on at night itself and took special care to pack my SLR camera, which I took with me everywhere I went. The cab arrived at 3.30 am and I reached the station at 3.45. My friend was already there and we waited for the train to arrive. It arrived exactly at 4.03 am and we got inside, looking for our seats. I had the ticket booked in three tier AC and the coach was quite dark with all the occupants fast asleep. Soon we found our seats and sat down. The train took off after 4 minutes and we too got on to our berths and went to sleep.

I got up late next morning as I had slept late at night. My friend too got up and we had a cup of steaming coffee. The breakfast was served at 8.30 am and then we sat down and had conversation with our fellow travelers. They were going to Allahabad and were had their business there.

We had our lunch and dinner from the canteen in the train. We reached Allahabad Junction at 10.05 pm and our fellow passengers got down there. By 6.25 am we reached Patna Junction and I saw that it was a busy station with passengers getting in and out of the station. My train travel from Rohtak Junction to Patna Junction by U A Toofan Express took about 14 hours and 20 minutes.


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