Patna Golghar Is a Beautiful Structure In The Middle of the City

Visiting ancient and historic places is one of my passions and I heard that Golghar in Patna was a structure that was historically important. So we made plans to visit the place. Patna Golghar is in reality a granary that was constructed by Warren Hasting who was the Governor-General of India during the 1770s and the construction was completed in 1786. It is located on the western side of Gandhi Maidan in Patna and is a massive structure of about 29 meters in height. It is built in the style of a Buddhist stupa and is capable of storing as much as 140000 tons of grain.

Patna Golghar

Patna Golghar | Image Resource :

I saw that the structure had no pillars and that it had a foundation of 125 m. we were told that the thickness of the wall was 3.6 m at the base, making it strong to withstand any pressure. There were four doors on four directions which opened inwards. The structure was very interesting and I took a few photos from outside. There were two spiral stairways from opposite sides of the structure that led to the top, which consisted of 145 steps. It was constructed so that the people who carried grains can go to the top, deliver the grains in the sacks through a hole on the top, and then descend from the other stairway. A lot of people were climbing up and we too joined them and started climbing upwards. As we ascended, it became a little tiring and after reaching the top all of us were fully exhausted.

Walk in Patna Golghar

Walk in Patna Golghar | Image Resource :

From the top we had a panoramic view of the city of Patna and the River Ganga and soon our tiredness was forgotten. It was such a beautiful view that we stood there admiring it and taking a few photographs of the surrounding scenery. There was cool air blowing which added to the charm of the place. The people from the locality told us that it as the tallest building in the city at the time of its construction. Measures are now taken to renovate the structure and make it more appealing to the tourists.


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