Hathua Market Patna is an Interesting Place for the Shopaholics

I love shopping and wherever I go I make it a point to buy some souvenirs and mementos to take back home and distribute among my friends and relatives. I heard that Hathua Market in Patna was a large market that had everything under the sun. So we went to explore the market and get some items that we could not get anywhere else. The market was a buzzing with activity and since it was evening time, there were lots of people going around examining various objects.

Hathua Market Patna

Hathua Market Patna | Image Resource : leatherworldretail.com/

There were many shops in the market that sold designer dresses, wedding apparels, artifacts, jewelleries, fancy items and so on. We went to a shop selling some fine kurtas and asked for the price. The price told was very high and after bargaining for a few minutes we managed to get it at half the price. The shopkeepers always tell high prices for the items, especially if you are new to the place. So you have to bargain with them and get the things at reasonable prices.

There were narrow lanes in the market that led to different corners. Each part of the market had shops specializing in the sail bed sheets, saris, readymade garments etc. On one section of the market we saw many shops selling jewelleries, which included gold ornaments, silver and gold plated ornaments. There was a crowd of ladies in front of these shops. I bought a few earrings and bangles for my cousins at home and then went on to visit other parts of the market.

Banggles in Hathua Market Patna

Banggles in Hathua Market Patna | Image Resource : koshybrahmatmaj.files.wordpress.com/

The shop selling Kolhapuri chappals looked interesting and we entered looking for a suitable chappal. After a bit of searching we found two pairs that we liked, but the price told was too much. After some bargaining we arrived at a price that was agreeable to both the parties and had it packed.

One section that interested us was a group of shops selling various mementos and handicrafts. There were many beautiful items in these shops and we examined all these asking for their prices. After spending about half an hour in the shop we managed to buy some items at reasonable prices. We had an enjoyable time at the market and we came back within three hours.


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