Funtasia Island Patna is a Place that You Will Enjoy

Fantasia Island is an amusement park in Patna, located at Sampatchak-Parsa Road, about 9 km from the heart of the city. We went to the park on the last day of our stay at Patna. It was the first park of its kind in Bihar and was inaugurated in October, 2012. The park is open to the public from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm and is closed on Wednesdays. The entry fee for the park is Rs.300 per person from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays and Sundays it is Rs.400 per person. We reached the park at 11.30 am and after taking the entry tickets, got inside. I saw that the park was already busy with families taking their children for an outing.

Funtasia Island Logo

Funtasia Island Logo | Image Resource :

There was a locker room where we could keep our belongings safely. The washroom was neat and clean and we changed into clothes that we bought with us. The whole place looked very interesting and well maintained. It was large, spreading on an area of about 5 acres. There were about 9 water rides in the park, which we enjoyed a lot. Some of the rides were very steep and exciting.

I saw that there were four pools in the park, of which one was for the adults, two for children aged between 5 and 8 years and one a wave pool. The kids pools had mushroom showers, cartoon showers, water sea saw etc. The pool was full of screaming children and they seemed to enjoy a lot.

View of funtasia Iisland Patna

View of funtasia Iisland Patna | Image Resource :

The water slides were also interesting and enjoyable. Rain dance accompanied with music and lights is another hit with the teenage boys and girls. The platform could accommodate 50 people at a time. At the wave pool I could see a lot of children and adults enjoying. The artificial waves created in the pool gave you a feeling as if you are standing in the sea with the waves touching your feet. We spent about half an hour, enjoying the artificial waved. We had our lunch at the multi cuisine restaurant in the park and after the lunch we spent some time in the swimming pool. By 5.30 pm we came out of the park, having had an enjoyable day.


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