Looking at the Scenic Beauty While on Board the Cdg Bdts Superfast Special

A long weekend and two days of extra leave meant that I would get a total of 5 days for my travels. I decided to explore the places in Gandhinagar and along with one of my friends; I reserved our tickets with Cdg Bdts Superfast Special (Chandhigarh to Bandra Superfast Express).  On Wednesday morning at 5.45, the train pulled out of the station and thus, we embarked upon our journey.

This would be a long train journey. We would reach the Ahmedabad station at 1.20 in the morning the next day and we had an entire day to spend on the train. I had my travel magazine with me and decided to chart the places of our visit in Gandhinagar.

CDG bdts Superfast Train

CDG bdts Superfast Train | Image Resource : flickr.com/

Around 9.50 am, the train stopped for about 10 minutes at Delhi cantonment from where we bought breakfast and had it inside the train. Being winter, it was not very hot and I after 10, we slept until it was time for lunch. We purchased lunch on the train too. The food was edible, though not very tasty.

Since this train had passenger services only on Wednesdays, the seats on this train are full at all times. While it was turning dusk, I could see the beautiful sky during the sunset and clicked several pictures of the beauty of the nature. Around 1 am on Thursday, the train stopped at Ahmedabad junction.

Gandhinagar Railway Station

Gandhinagar Railway Station | Image Resource : panoramio.com/

We were out of the station in half an hour. I had informed my friend about my arrival and as I stood outside, I saw him waiting for us. He informed me that he would drive us to Gandhinagar to our hotel since it was only a 35-minute drive from the station.

I discussed our plans with him and he suggested some of the best places to visit around Gandhinagar. We reached the hotel in no time at all and having invited me home one of these days, I bid him goodbye. Though the journey on Cdg Bdts Superfast Special was not a tedious one, I still needed a hot shower and a soft bed to relax. We proceeded to enter the hotel and relax in our room, which I booked online earlier.


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