Serenity and Calmness at Sarita Udhyan, Gandhinagar

On Friday, we woke up at six, freshened up, had coffee and were on our way to Sarita Udhyan on the pre-booked cab. As is my habit, I read up the history before visiting a particular place. I learnt that it was a picnic spot and mostly couples and families came to spend the day and have fun.

The park is huge with lots of recreational and fun activities within the park. Set on the banks of River Sabarmati, this is a famous tourist attraction spot. Since we were at the park as early as 7am, we could see several joggers, morning walkers and cyclists getting their daily dose of exercise here. This is actually a botanical garden and we saw that each tree had a name board on it, describing its botanical name and the origin.

sarita udhyan, gandhinagar

Sarita Udhyan, Gandhinagar | Image Resource :

The walk around the trees were very relieving, we could feel the difference of inhaling the fresh air. We walked up to the flower garden and various species of flowers grew in rows and columns. What different coloured flowers there were and what good fragrance it let out!

This place is definitely a photographer’s delight and I immediately took my camera and took various shots of the place. Even during this early hour, we could see children playing in the parks. The place is definitely a delight for those people, who would want to go on a picnic. I learnt that people studying in different fields about nature, such as botany, floriculture and horticulture come here to study the plant species and the history of the trees.

Sarita Udhyan Garden, Gandhinagar

Sarita Udhyan Garden, Gandhinagar | Image Resource :

A few distances apart, there is a deer park and we were lucky enough to spot the deer during their mealtime. Spotting the deer was the best part of my photography. I captured the pictures of several deer in different mood swings. The entire environment of the park brings about a feeling of calm and serenity within the people.

I felt very peaceful and after sitting under a tree for a few minutes, we came out of the park. We told the driver to take us to Punit Van before taking us to a good restaurant for breakfast.


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