Getting Mesmerized and Feeling Peaceful at Tri Mandir, Gandhinagar

Before going down for our coffee, we requested the person at the reception to book a cab for us to take us to Tri Mandir. Around 6.30 am, the cab reached the hotel and we were on our way to the temple. In about twenty minutes, we reached the venue and having told the driver to wait for us at the parking lot, we proceeded towards the temple.

The temple is a beautiful white building with a ground floor and two upper floors. A lawn surrounds the temple and there is peace and quiet everywhere! The main purpose of the temple is to spread self-awareness amongst the people. As the name of the temple suggests, it has three sanctums, which houses the idols of three main lords and other smaller deities.

Entrance Tri Mandir, Gandhinagar

Entrance Tri Mandir, Gandhinagar | Image Resource :

There is a central sanctum, which has a 13-feet idol of Sri Simandhar Swami. The total weight of the entire idol is approximately 19 tonnes. This same sanctum has the idols of other smaller deities. Once inside the tri-mandir, the first sanctum has the idol of Shivalingam. There are idols of goddess Parvathi, Hanuman and Ganapathi too.

The second sanctum has the main idol of Lord Krishna along with Lord Tirupati Balaji, Amba Devi and Bhadrakali Mata. It was a good feeling to walk inside these sanctums of the temple and feel the peace and quietness around us. We offered our prayers and walked around the first floor and the second floor. From the second floor balcony, the surrounding view was amazing. Being a photographer, this was exactly the kind of view, for which I loved to click pictures!

Tri Maandir, Gandhinagar

Tri Mandir, Gandhinagar | Image Resource :

With special permission and with the condition that I would not click pictures inside the temple, they allowed me to take the camera. Once done, we proceeded to the museum within the temple premise. In the museum, there is a theatre and it showed us a small documentary about the life of Param Pujya Dadashree. The museum gives insights about the life and teaching of this great personality. The best thing I loved about the temple is that it offers charities and donations to the underprivileged.


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