Dal Bati Churma Dish Udaipur : Traditional, Ethnic and Delicious Delicacy

Besides being an avid photographer I am also a foodie. My love for food is legendary amongst my friends and they often tease me that I could even eat a horse if it was tasty enough. Being in the city of Udaipur have left my sense of taste go haywire and erratic. I was eager to taste Dal Bati Churma dish Udaipur as it was heavily recommended by my friends. This traditional and vegetarian dish of Rajasthan is loved by all. Though this dish has evolved over the time its ethnic taste remains the same and is eaten with enthusiasm over the world. This dish has three important components which are the dal, baked bati and the sweet dessert called churma. As I was interested in seeing the making of this dish I asked my hotel manager whether it was possible to see it being made. After a lot of sincere effort he said yes and so I was invited to see the preparation of dal, bati, churma.

Dal Bati Churma Dish Udaipur

Dal Bati Churma Dish Udaipur | Image Resource : wikipedia.org/

The bati is a round in shape and is made by whole wheat. It is baked either on firewood or in electric ovens and tandoors. These bati is then dipped in ghee. Churma is made from unsalted dough and after cooking it in the tandoors it is crushed and mixed with either jaggery or sugar and ghee. The dal is first soaked and then cooked and the spices for the dal are fried in ghee. Basically in all the three items ghee was the main ingredient besides whole wheat. These three dishes are served together and makes for a delicious meal. I thanked the cook and the manager for allowing me to see its preparation and one thing I must tell you all is that it is a visual delight. The cuisine in Udaipur is quite a favorite throughout the world and the best places to eat them including dal, bati, churma are Bawarchi, Nataraj, Maharana Restaurant, Gangaur Restaurant and Hotel Vishnupriya.

Dal Bati Churma dish Udaipur showcases the tradition, culture and heritage of Rajasthan. The sight and smell of this famous dish is mouthwatering and out of this world. After feeding myself Iwas ready to see the Maharana Pratap Memorial.


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