Vintage Collection of Classic Cars Museum Udaipur : Rarest and Grandest of the Cars Available to Take A Look

After visiting the memorial, I decided to visit a place which would send down chills in my spine and that is vintage collection of classic cars museum Udaipur. When I mentioned chills then everyone must be thinking of some haunted place but actually I get awe-struck when I come across man-made beauties and those beautiful things being the luxurious cars in the world. Located at the grounds of the garden hotel, this place was at the center of the city and the traveling to this place was very easy without any problems.

Vintage & Classic Cars Museum Udaipur

Vintage & Classic Cars Museum Udaipur | Image Resource :

The charge to enter the place was Rs 150 and it would cost only Rs 250 in total if a person would opt for lunch/dinner along with the entry fee and this being a viable option, I went for it. The car collection of the Maharaja’s was mind-blowing and jaw dropping as it told about their elite lifestyle as it had some of the most extraordinary vintage cars of all time. The state garage included 22 cars in total of which some were the Cadillac with a seven seating arrangement and having a complete purdah system, the 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom whose name speaks for itself and the car is handmade and beautiful, the Cadillac convertible that carried Queen Elizabeth II to the airport in the year 1961 and many more. I also managed to have a proper meal as I chose a different combination of entry ticket and undoubtedly the meal tasted great with the essence of the Rajasthani style in it. I all also managed to get a few pictures clicked with the royal cars in the background and the picture became very precious to me from the very moment.

Collection of Classic Car

Collection of Classic Car | Image Resource :

Mercedes Benz Vintage Car in Musuem

Old Mercedes Benz Car in Musuem | Image Resource :

Vintage Classic Cars Udaipur

Vintage Classic Cars Udaipur | Image Resource :

Is then decided to bow out from the classic and vintage collection of classic cars museum Udaipur and move towards a new and different location with many more unique surprises at offer. This place surely was a great place to be in as I was able to witness extraordinary cars which we cannot see during our normal lifetime. With my stomach full, I hoped to witness more beauty in the next phase of my journey.


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