Gulab Bagh and Zoo Udaipur : Pleasurable and Knowledgeable Experience

After my visit to the Jaisamand Lake I was well decided to visit Gulab Bagh and Zoo Udaipur. It is one of the largest and most beautiful gardens in Udaipur in Rajasthan. The garden has a large variety of roses and so it is called as Gulab Bagh.We even visited a museum which is known as Victoria Hall Museum. I loved the collection of various curios, antiques, attention-grabbing relics from the past and even various majestic domestic items. I am a photographer and so whenever I see some beautiful scenic beauty I cannot stop myself to capture those pictures. The garden has been made by Maharana Sajjan Singh in the year 1878. The garden has a large variety of flora and fauna. Many different types of trees are also located which includes the species of mangoes, berry, guava, lemon, mulberry, bananas, Rayan, pomegranate, meetha neem, wood apple, ficus species, etc. The garden has been divided into 45 parts according to various trees, flowers, zoo, etc. As I had made my way to the entrance I had a leisure walk in the tree lined landscape.

Entrance Of Gulab Bagh and Zoo Udaipur

Entrance Of Gulab Bagh and Zoo Udaipur | Image Resource :

The garden has a  large pond which is covered with beautiful lilies and various varieties of trees which even provided shade to me. The shrubs in the garden are also trimmed in the shape of various animals. The garden even has a small zoo which showcases different species of animals. CCTV cameras are present all around the zoo to see the full day activities of the animals. I even clicked various pictures of such animals. The place is truly pleasurable. One if visits Udaipur should always visit this place. A library is even present there named Saraswati Bhawan Library which has an immense collection of books of different genres likely archaeology, history, Indology, etc. It is an intact place which is both knowledgeable and exciting.

The visit to the place Gulab Bagh and Zoo Udaipur has been enthralling experience. The beautiful landscape and the wildness of the animals attracts national and international tourists from all the world. This has become an important hub and now I was ready for my next destination named Shilpgram Udaipur.


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