Nehru Park : A Walk with Nature to Enjoy the Beauty

The first tourist spot that I visited in the quest of discovering the Cultural and social heritage of the city of Indore was the Nehru Park, located centrally at the heart of the city. Tracing its way through history Nehru Park is the oldest park in Indore. Built by the Britishers, it was originally known as the Biscow Park, and was restricted for anyone else except for Britishers. It was only after independence that commoners were allowed entry and it was thereafter renamed as Nehru Park.

Nehru Park Indore

Nehru Park Indore | Image Resource : indiacitytrip.comwhich drew a lot of tourists.

Its historical relevance drew my interest towards it. I was quite motivated to peep into each and every corner of this tourist facility. Apart from being a very clean and green place to take a healthy stroll, the park has other entities such as a library, a swimming pool, children’s hobby center to keep the children occupied, a mini train, which seemed to me as ancient as the British era and lastly the battery operated cars. For a moment or two I went into nostalgia reminiscing the days of my childhood.

Although I am not much of a reader, I was still quite keen to visit the ancient library located at the Nehru Park. I was awestruck at the collection of books and documents that were preserved since ages in the old monument. Not only this I was also thrilled to look at the architecture of the library. It depicted some traces of the British rule in India. I clicked a picture or two and then headed forward to check out the rest of the park. I could feel the pleasant aroma of a variety of roses planted plentifully in the park. There was a kaleidoscope of colors of roses that again lured me to shoot them. I got a few very nice pictures of them.

The park was designed in a way that could capture the interest of both the young and the old. This is a feature that distinguishes the Nehru Park from most of the parks in India. I was filled with joy on visiting this site, and wanted to click as many snaps as possible so as to carry each and every memory of this awesome place along with me as I head back home.


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