Annapurna Temple – A Site for Spirituality

As my stay continued in Indore, I decided to visit the Annapurna temple. I had heard a lot about it from the localites and hence it captured my interest. Even before I entered the temple I could hear the chiming of the temple bells. I could already sense the peace and the soulful atmosphere that was about to experience as I enter the temple.

On entering the temple, I was amazed to see the beautiful entrance which was embellished with very ancient carvings of gods and goddesses. On moving further I noticed the serenity and flow of positive vibes in the vicinity. There was an air of spirituality that calms the mind and the soul. In the main wing of the temple there stand idols of goddesses Annapurna, Gayatri and Kali. There are other temples also in the premises. These temples are devoted to lord Shiva, Sri Krishna, Hanuman and goddess Gayatri.

What makes the Annapurna temple distinctive from other temples is not only the style of architecture but the serenity and calmness of the place. Unlike other temples where one expects to find a beeline of devotees, the Annapurna temple is spread over a huge area and hence has a lower density of visitors.

Annapurna Temple Indore

Annapurna Temple Indore | Image Resource :

The most popular part of the temple is definitely the temple of goddess Annapurna, but I would suggest that the most peaceful temple is that of lord Shiva. It has a gigantic statue of lord Shiva, which urged me to sit there for quite a while as I was admiring its beauty.

In this atmosphere of piousness I could also see the cultural heritage of our traditions and Holy Scriptures wrapped around. There are colorful statues across all temple walls and also encircling the sanctum sanctorum.

Entrance Annapurna Temple

Entrance Annapurna Temple | Image Resource :

These statues and paintings narrate the stories from our Hindu Purans, most of which comprise of the tales of Lord Krishna’s childhood. I almost spent my whole day in the Annapurna temple and while I was returning home I could feel my soul, body and mind rejuvenated and filled with positive energies. I am looking forward to visiting this place again.


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