Mahatma Gandhi Hall – An Embodiment of Indo- Gothic Culture

Further narrating about my experience at the city of Indore, the next tourist attraction that I visited was the Mahatma Gandhi Town Hall, located at MG road. This monument was built in 1904 and was erstwhile known as the King Edward Hall. It was then renamed as Mahatma Gandhi Hall in 1948. It is one of the most spectacular structures I have captured in the lens of my camera till now.

Mahatma Gandhi Hall Indore

Mahatma Gandhi Hall Indore | Image Resource :

The building is a magnificent example of Indo-Gothic style of architecture.  The stone used to build it has a beautiful texture. I enquired about the material used for erecting this splendid structure from one of the caretakers present nearby. My inquisitiveness was satiated as he informed me that the building is made up of Seoni stone. The dominant feature of Mahatma Gandhi Hall is its splendid domes and steeples. A clock tower is erected in front of the hall, which is popularly known as the Ghanta Ghar.

This mega structure is of great utility as it often serves as a perfect venue of book exhibitions and painting exhibitions. It is also used to organize fairs quite frequently all the year round. The central hall has a capacity of accommodating 2000 people at a time. It is not only the architecture that attracts tourists, but the Town Hall also comprises of a library.

Mahatma Gandhi Hall

Mahatma Gandhi Hall | Image Resource :

Moreover, there also exists a children’s park as well as a temple in the vicinity. As I walked in the library I was delighted to see the huge collection of books and documents that it holds. I also took a stroll at the children’s park and captured a few pictures of children who had sparkling eyes as they were having fun and frolic in the park. I just wanted to capture that moment of joy in my camera.

Time almost flew when I was at the town hall. I would suggest all history lovers to visit this place for sure. And what is remarkable about this monument is that although it has so much to offer to its visitors, it has free entry for everyone. As I headed back to my hotel, I took a sip of amazing coffee at the Indian Coffee house located not far from the hall.


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