Chhatris – The Joy of Maratha Heritage

During my stay at Indore I noticed the most architecturally significant feature of this city. These are the Chattris that are spread all over the city as a symbol of Holkar rule in the region. These depict the beauty of Maratha style of architecture and are delicately carved out of stone. They have succeeded in standing the test of time without getting withered off and lost in the pages of history.

Krishnapura Chhatris Indore

Krishnapura Chhatris Indore | Image Resource :

The Chhatris are actually cenotaphs which are built in the memory of the deceased Holkar rulers. These elegant structures are located on the banks of the river Kahn. The Chhatris comprise of dome shaped structures with pyramidal spires on the apex. These cenotaphs are a constant reminder of the glory of the Holkar rulers. Amazingly there also exists a westward facing Chhatri built over the ashes of a female ruler of Malwa, named Maharani Krishnabai. There are these structures also dedicated to other rulers, namely Tukoji Rao II, Bolia Sahib and Shivaji Rao.

Ramdwara Chhatri Bagh Indore

Ramdwara Chhatri Bagh Indore | Image Resource :

The exquisiteness of Maratha culture and its architecture is depicted by the beautifully carved pillars and arches incorporated in the Chhatris. I was again busy capturing images of these awesome monuments. All these cenotaphs are linked by a common prayer hall which also has majestic pillars and arches. Apart from this the hall comprises of garbha grihas. There are life size figurines of these rulers along the Garbha Grihas.

Carved Arches And Pillars

Carved Arches And Pillars | Image Resource :

Chhatris In Indore

Chhatris In Indore | Image Resource :

The site of these Chhatris is breathtaking at night. These monuments get illuminated and it seemed to me as if they were glowing ethereally against the darkness and were paying a constant tribute to the great Holkar rulers. To attract tourists an artificial lake has been created along this stretch. To enhance the beauty of this heritage site a fountain has also been built. Moreover one can see well laid gardens on both the banks and recreational activities such as boating have also been incorporated for tourists in the vicinity. I myself was keen enough to take a ride in the evening so as to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Chhatri Bag.


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