Sarafa Bazar – The Yummy Diaries

It was my last day of stay at Indore. And I decided to feed my appetite that night, by visiting the Sarafa Bazar. It was around 10pm when I dropped in to this place, and I was wondering if the whole crowd of the city had assembled there to have a grab over the sumptuous food items displayed on sale.

Sarafa Bazar

Sarafa Bazar | Image Resource :

I was quite confused and filled excitement at the same time as I was unable to decide where to start from. Having a glance of all theses food items my appetite had already doubled and I was somewhat drooling. I wanted to have a bite of everything at disposal.

I am an immaculate foodie, and hence this was the perfect place for me. All my senses were rejuvenated by the aroma and visualization of so many local flavors. Since I have a sweet tooth the first thing that I tasted was the Gulab Jamun and also the Rabdi. The mouthwatering texture of the rabdi was something

I can never compare. Talking about local delicacies there was so much to lay my hands upon, ranging from makki ki roti, dahi bhalla, pullao to faluda kulfi. If one has a love for food, I would definitely suggest him to visit this place at least once in his life time. It is almost impossible for me to list all the stuff that was available at Sarafa bazar.

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It is also a jewelry market that gets transformed into an eat street with the setting of the sun. I was lucky enough to have savored myself with the pani puri which had not two or three but seven different flavors. Moreover the kachoris, samosas, chats and the moong halwa were few of the things I wished myself to dig into.

I cannot remember a single Indian snack that was not available at this market. Just name a snack and your wish would come true. There were innumerous people beelined to taste food from stalls. The blend of flavors was best defined as Malwa food that was displayed on the streets. If I have to define this tantalizing experience to my taste buds, I would simply term it as “food paradise”.

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