Journey To Indore – Enjoying The Thrill of Travel

I am a resident of Haryana, which is a very beautiful and peaceful place to dwell. Having been born and brought up in a very lively family, I grew up into a very energetic and adventurous individual. Being a photographer, I have quite an interest in travelling along with friends to various places of scenic beauty and architectural significance, in order to capture that perfect shot.

I am particularly quite delighted by the beauty of varied fauna that has been endowed on our planet. Hence, I am also interested in wildlife photography. Apart from photography, my thirst for adventure drives me to sports such as camping, trekking, paragliding, bungee jumping etc.

Ambala Cantt Junction

Ambala Cantt Junction | Image Resource :

In my recent visit from Ambala to Indore I booked my tickets on the Malwa Express (12920), which originates from Jammu Tavi and completes its journey of 1540 kms to reach Indore Junction Bg. I boarded the train from Ambala Cant Junction (UMB) and the train was expected to reach Indore at 12:50 pm the next day. Owing to my need to travel around the country very frequently, I generally prefer budget travelling, via train or bus. I also get the opportunity to capture some scenic beauty as I peep out of my train or bus window.

New Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi Railway Station | Image Resource :

On my journey from Ambala to Indore, the Malwa Express passed through Bina Jn, Kathua, Dhaulpur, Panipat Jn, Kosi Kalan, Devas, Matura Jn, Ujain Jn, Bairagarh and Sehore. I booked my ticket on the AC-3 compartment. Hence it was a very comfortable journey for me.

Shimla Bus Stand

Shimla Bus Stand | Image Resource :

I planned by trip via a very popular travel agency, i.e. cleartrip. They offer a great deal of choices and facilities to their customers. Hence, I opted for their Indore Package which catered to my need for a budget trip. My travel and accommodation both were taken care of under this package, and I was quite excited to reach to my destination and experience the services. I was hoping to get value for money on my investment in this offer. As I arrived at the Indore Jn, I already had my cab waiting to drop me to my accommodation. I had made my bookings at a four star Hotel Fortune Landmark. I was just anticipating my trip to be a memorable and comfortable experience.


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