Train Journey from Ambala Cant (UMB) to Jammu Tawi (JAT)

Hi friends. It’s been long time since I shared with you all my travel experience. Last month I got some days off from my busy schedule, so I thought of making the most of it by going on a holiday excursion. This time I had decided to visit the Northern most part of India. I have been to countless places across India in search of the exotic locations that can be captured in my camera. This was the time to visit Jammu and Kashmir. I had booked tickets for this purpose from Jammu Mail.

I had booked a holiday package in Jammu and Kashmir using the Flight and hotel booking Jammu offers through internet. The train booked by me for my journey was the Jammu Mail that departs from Delhi. I boarded the train from Ambala Cant (UMB) at 12:30 AM. The time was convenient as the station wasn’t far from my place and after having dinner at 10 PM I left for the station.

Jammu Tawi Express

Jammu Tawi Express | Image Resource :

I had booked tickets in the upper class as I needed some good sound sleep so I am all charged up for adventure when I reach Jammu. The train was all neat and clean, and being midnight when the train reached my station almost all the other fellow passengers were sleeping on their seats. I decided to go to sleep too. When I woke up at around 8 Am after a good sleep, the train had entered the state of J&K and was about to reach the Jammu Tawi (JAT) station. The fellow passengers too woke up by that time and were chatting away.

The train reached Jammu Tawi at around 9:30 AM just right time as per its schedule. The Jammu Station was quite crowded as many tourists throng this place for religious journeys as well as for a short holiday in the nearby hill stations. After getting off at Jammu Tawi, I hired a taxi to the hotel booked by me. I was to stay in Jammu as well as Srinagar for my trip. After staying in Jammu for a couple of days I left for Srinagar where I had booked Hotel Silver Star, Srinagar.


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