Bahu Fort – The House of Mother Kali

The trip to Jammu and Kashmir was going very well with visiting so many new and amazing places of historical and religious importance. The next place to visit in my itinerary while I was in Jammu was the famous Bahu fort at Jammu.

The fort was built by the Raja Bahulochan of Jammu some 3 centuries back and it was renovated and resurrected by the Dogra rulers of Jammu in the 19th century. The fort is said to be a religious place and within its complex is a temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess kali who is also believed to be the presiding Goddess of Jammu and as a result the Fort is known as the Bave kali Mata Temple locally.

Bahu Fort

Bahu Fort | Image Resource :

The fort was an amazing historical structure located at an altitude of 325 metres opposite to the Jammu city’s old town area. The structure is built with lime and brick mortar sandstones with thick walls. The main entrance gate of the Fort was so built to allow the entry of elephants into the fort. There is a water tank with access to bath for the pilgrims who come to take blessings from Goddess are located on the left side when one enters the fort.

There are a few halls at the right side of the temple which were used as the assembly halls during those times by the masters and guardians of the fort. Some renovations have been made recently by the government to boost tourism in the area. These renovations have made possible the installation of cable cars and boating in the lake.

Overall the visit to the Bahu Fort was a good experience with many new historical facts about the state of Jammu and Kashmir coming, adding my knowledge about this part of the country.  There were many pilgrims there in the temple complex inside the fort who had come for a visit. The place gave me ample opportunities to take some amazing pictures of the fort and the temple and also the pilgrims inside.

In the following post I will share my experience about my trip to the famous Donkey sanctuary located in the Leh district of J&K.


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