Dal Lake – The Jewel of Srinagar

The time spent in Jammu and Kashmir had been the best so far. I have travelled to so many locations around the country but never did i find such serenity and solitude which I felt at Jammu and Kashmir. The districts of Jammu, Srinagar, and Leh were also beautiful and amazing in their own way.

Dal lake  Jammu Kashmir

Dal lake Jammu Kashmir | Image Resource : sandeepachetan.com

In this post I will be sharing about the wonder which is called as the Dal Lake. Dal Lake isin Srinagar is a world in its own. Whenever I used to think about Dal Lake, the songs and dances of erstwhile Bollywood actor Shammi Kapoor comes in mind. It was a feeling of immense amazement when I was near the Dal Lake and especially when I went for boating on it.

Dal Lake in a Shammi Kapoor movie

Dal Lake in a Shammi Kapoor movie |Image Resource : 1.bp.blogspot.com

Dal Lake as I said is world of its own. This is the jewel of Srinagar its most amazing aspect. There are thousands of houses and the houseboats situated on the Lake. The thousands of local people who live in these houseboats are mobile than we can think or imagine. There are shops and many restaurants on the lake situated on these house boats. There is a vegetable market too on the lake. Children ferry off to school every day using boats on the Dal Lake.

Houseboats on the Dal Lake are fitted with all the amenities, and some of them come with all forms of luxuries and privacy. There are about 4000 houseboats in Srinagar Dal Lake. I must admit that sight of seeing them in a line is all messy but staying on one of them is what attracts the tourists to Jammu and Kashmir.

Market At Dal Lake

Market At Dal Lake | Image Resource : trekearth.com

The boat ride on Dal Lake gave a sense of freedom and calmness. I took some amazing pictures of the Lake while taking the boat ride. It was an experience of a lifetime. A trip to Srinagar is incomplete without a boat ride on this beautiful lake. The government of Jammu and Kashmir takes utmost care in keeping the lake clean and free from pollution.

In my next post I will be sharing about the trip to Hari Parbat Fort in Jammu and Kashmir.


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