Hari Parbat – The Fort Overlooking the city of Srinagar

Yet another place of wonder which I had visited during my Jammu and Kashmir trip and while staying at Srinagar was the Hari parabat. It is an important area of the Srinagar with a lot of historical significance. Hari Parbat among the Muslim majority of Srinagar is known as the Koh-e-maran and among the few hindus it is known as the Sharika peetha.

Hari Parbat Fort Jammu & Kashmir

Hari Parbat Fort Jammu & Kashmir | Image Resource : greatincredibleindia.com

The fort overlooks the Srinagar city. This is also the site of the Durani Fort which is said to be built in the year 1808. The Hari Parbat has the famous Shakti temple on the western side of the slope and on the eastern side of the slope the shrines of Sufi saint Hamza makhdoom and Badakhsi are present. On the Southern side there is also a gurudwara which was dedicated to visit of Guru Har Gobind. The mountain is the confluence of the Shaivism and Sufism which used to be the very soul of Kashmir. Unfortunately after the advent of terrorism this significance was somewhat lost in oblivion and the valley got filled with hate and terror.

Women praying at Hamza Makhdoom

Women prays Hamza Makhdoom | Image Resource : asset-cache.net

The main centres of attraction on the Hari parbat are the Durrani Fort built by the Mughal emperor Akbar in 1590. The present fort is said to be completed by Shuja Shah Durrani. The hill is considered very sacred by the Kashmiri pundits of the valley which are now a significant minority after they were forced to run away from their homes when Kashmir came under the reigns of terrorists. There is a Shareeks temple which is dedicated to Goddess Jagdamba. There is also the shrine of Baba Makhdoom Sahib.

Goddess Jagdamba

Goddess Jagdamba | Image Resource : siper.ac.in

The Hari Parbat was an amazing place to visit. The panoramic image of Srinagar city was exotic and stunning. The picture I captured in my camera, it was certainly one of the best views in Kashmir. The Hari parbat at sunset also offered a breathtaking view with sun setting behind the fort. It was a worthy trip to this place in every aspect.

The last place of visit which I cherish and I will share in my blog from J&K trip is the Shalimar Bagh at Srinagar.


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