Shalimar Gardens – The Abode of Love

The trip to Jammu and Kashmir had been so fascinating so far that it would take me countless posts and articles to describe the feeling that I got visiting this place. The final place of visit while I was staying at Srinagar was the Shalimar bagh.

The garden is linked through a channel to the North Eastern side of the Dal Lake. The other names by which this garden is known are Shalamar Garden, Farah Baksh and Faiz Baksh. The garden is said to be built by the Mughal emperor Jahangir for his wife Nur Jahan in 1619. The garden serves as a public park.

Shalimar Gardens

Shalimar Gardens | Image Resource :

The recent history of the garden is linked with the development by Mughal emperors but the ancient linkages can be traced back to the rule of Pravarsena II who founded the city of Srinagar. The word Shalimar in Sanskrit means the abode of love. The architectural structure of the garden is brilliant with three terraces. The first terrace is a public garden which ends in the Diwan – e – Aam or the Public hall. The second terrace which is slightly broader has two shallow terraces and there is Diwn – E – Khas or the hall of the private audiences. This hall was accessible only to the noblemen.

The third terrace is where the axial water flows through the Zenana garden or the garden of Women and is hidden by the Chinar trees. There were many arched niches inside the gardens behind the waterfalls. They are one of the unique features of these gardens. The garden gave me some of the most stunning pictures of the Chinar trees found abundantly in Kashmir. This garden became the inspiration for other gardens of the same name in Delhi and Lahore kings.

The trip to Srinagar was a perfect one and some of the most amazing experiences. I was taking with me some of the wonderful and unforgettable memories of the state of Jammu and Kashmir with me. Some of these experiences and memories were captured by my camera but most were there stored forever in my heart which I will cherish all my life.


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