50 Things To Know About Professional Photography

These are some of the important points that must be considered by every photographer :

1 – While shooting in, always set your setting to RAW.
2 – Use Prime lenses if you are a beginner.
3 – Learn Photo editing.
4 – Avoid Macro photography if you are not an expert
5 – UV filters can function as a lens cap.
6 – Less reading and more activity i.e. stop reading forums and start taking more pictures.
7 – Try to capture the beauty behind simple objects.
8 – Digital and films are similar.
9 – No camera can make you a better photographer but regular practise can.
10 – Good lenses don’t necessarily produce great photographs.

Photography Tips & Tricks

Photography Tips & Tricks | Image Resource : kelbytv.com

11 – Don’t focus on other people, others world and try to concentrate on your skills.
12 – DSLR are not designed for parties.
13 – Everybody admires photographers.
14 – Turn off the setting that makes your photos “artsy” automatically.
15 – Rather than tell people that you photoshop an image,  tell them that you process it in the digital darkroom.
16 – Don’t keep on clicking pictures unnecessarly. Put some thought into it.
17 – Always have backup for your photographs
18 – Start using hand strap.
19 – Getting the right focus is the most crucial aspect of taking photographs
20 – To make your picture unique, take crouched photos.

21 – Don’t think about technology, think about art.
22 – Experiment by taking photographs of the same scene or object but by using different exposures, apertures or angles.
23 – Point-and-shoot can be effective method
24 – Register in an online photography forum.
25 – Monitor and analyse the works of other photographers.
26 – A good photograph always explains itself
27 – Get inspired from other photographers but don’t copy them.
28 – As a photographer, create your own identity
29 – Using grain can add different personality to your photos.
30 – For easy travelling, lose your photo backpack and buy a messenger bag

Perfect Click Time

Perfect Click Photography | Image Resource : funinventors.com

31 – Don’t complicate things, especially if you are a beginner.
32 – Learn how to utilize light to your advantage.
33 – Identify your photography style such as wildlife, fashion, sports etc and specialize in it.
34 – Second monitor should be specifically used for processing photos.
35 – Silver EFEX pro is the top b/w converter used by professionals.
36 – Always carry a camera.
37 – Don’t let photography affect your life. Do it only if you love it.
38 – Exploit your camera in every way possible.
39 – All your pictures should be clicked, keeping mind the angles.
40 – Alway be confident about your work.

Perfect Click Time

Perfect Click Time | Image Resource : virtualfunzone.com

41 – Photography and juxtaposition go hand in hand.
42 – Natural light offers the best light for photography.
43 – Taking good self-portraits can be challenging, so work on it.
44 – Understand how to use histogram.
45 – A bad image cannot be “photoshopped” into good.
46 – Try taking pictures of strangers (with their permission).
47 – 35mm is the best focal length for casual photography.
48 – Underexposing is better than overexposing.
49 – Bring the human element to your photographs and make them alive.
50 – Never miss a detail.


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