How Jet Airways Turned A Moment Into A Memory!

This scorching heat of Chandigarh made me feel so uncomfortable that finally one day I realised I needed a break from this weather. I made out plans with my friends to visit the South and especially the famed Nilgiri Hills. I had been willing to go to this place for a long time, but never actually got the time out of my schedule. I had been there as a kid, but it was time to refresh my memory.

Chandigarh International Airport

Chandigarh International Airport | Image Resource :

We first decided to board a direct flight to the place, but then came up with the idea of spending a few hours in Mumbai amidst our travel to Nilgiri. Finally, running through multiple travel websites, we found out that there were numerous connecting flights to Coimbatore. Amongst the list, I suggested that we should travel by Jet Airways, as I had heard about the amazing services and hospitality that they offer.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai | Image Resource :

Finally, we all mutually agreed on to board Jet Airways flight from Chandigarh to Mumbai and then take on another connecting flight to Coimbatore 5 hours later. Downloading the app of this airline we booked our seats and also chose our meal options.

Jet Airways Flight

Jet Airways Flight | Image Resource :

Finally on the day of our journey, we checked in our self through the best travel app we had seen of any air company. This check-in served as a smart move for us as we could avoid the long lines and were directed to a separate counter for checking in our luggage. This was a hassle free process that nearly took us 15 to 20 minutes. Lastly, after collecting the boarding passes and going through the security check, we moved into the waiting lounge and waited for our plane.

At the call, we moved and were very pleasantly directed towards our plane. At the entrance, we were welcomed, and the air hostesses guided us towards our respective seats. There was ample leg space and the seats were comfortable too. In a span of around 30 minutes, the plane took off. In about 15 minutes, we were served with our meals and also were not charged anything for those. The plane staff was warm and welcoming, and every need of ours was taken care of.

Coimbatore Airport

Coimbatore Airport | Image Resource :

After spending 3 hours at the Mumbai Airport and taking our connecting flight, we reached onto Coimbatore. We hired a taxi service to take us to the Nilgiri and were mesmerised by the beauty of the mountains that we got to experience during our travel to Nilgiri. This trip was a memorable experience and we can never forget the friendly attitude of the tamilian taxi driver who pointed us important sight seeing locations and other interesting rose gardens on the way.


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