Have You Visited The Wooden Masterpiece Of Ooty Yet?

During our visit to the Queen of Hill Stations Ooty, we visited almost all the tourist attractions and places such as the Ooty Lake, The Ooty Rose Garden, and the Pykara Falls. The only thing that was now left to pay a visit was the one of the famous and oldest church in Nilgiri i.e. St. Stephens Church. Finally, on the last day of our visit, we decided to visit this architectural masterpiece that was built long back in the 19th Century.

As we reached our destination, we were stunned seeing the church wholly made up of timber. Upon asking, we came to know that this masterpiece was built with the woods that were taken from Tipu Sultan’s Palace after his defeat at the hands of British.

St Stephen Church, Ooty

St Stephen Church, Ooty | Image Resource : blog.sterlingholidays.com

Moving into the church, we noticed the unusual feature of the church. The church had hammer like structures that were tied to an inverted V plank that was connected through a wire. As soon as we pulled down the wire a musical sound rung.

We were also surprised that even after so many years of its construction, the church was spotless, and there were no signs of any wear and tear. Another significant feature that could not remain unnoticed was its Clock Tower.

St. Stephen's Church

St. Stephen’s Church | Image Resource : Tripadvisor

We were told by the local authorities that this clock tower shows marching forth of time and hence shows men the right time. This clock tower consists of 9 tubular bells and rings with devotees’ prayers.

We all know that British, along with them, brought a vast culture and heritage, one of them being Christianity. This religion was simple to follow and hence Indians, in large numbers, started following the religion.

The gallery of the Church is also worth visiting as the place has some of the exquisite paintings of Christ including the one in which he is having supper. This church is a beautiful example of the architectural brilliance, your visit to Ooty is not complete without paying a visit to this Church located amongst the beautiful hills of Nilgiri.


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