Witness The Perfect Combination Of Natural And Man-Made Brilliance – Kamrajar Sagar Dam, Ooty

There are two things in the world that can drag me even from the depths of hell to bear witness to- man-made architectural brilliance and natural beauty. I found a place that had the perfect combination of the two in my trip to Ooty !

The Kamrajar Dam is an important tourist destination and is well connected by buses. The fare of buses is also remarkably low price and as I have always said, the journey is nearly as important as the destination itself – so enjoy the travel!

The place, itself, is absolutely marvelous. Any description will fall short to exactly describe what I felt on arriving at the spot. Being a photographer, I couldn’t ask for a perfect location to be at. There is no dearth of photographic opportunities at the dam, and the place is absolutely buzzing with life from the travelers and the place’s wildlife.

Kamaraj Sagar Dam Ooty

Kamaraj Sagar Dam Ooty | Image Resource : datastore03.rediff.com/h1500-w1500

Since I was with friends, we decided to camp out for a day and stay at a hotel for the rest and hear me when I say this – Camping should be on your to-do list. The experience of camping was absolutely surreal. Being surrounded by the quite whistling of the water and the noises of wildlife nearby was absolutely breathtaking.

Some places nearby also have great histories attached to them and should be visited. The Ooty Botanical Gardens is one of them. The Annamalai Temple is also evidence of the architectural brilliance of the past. If you’re looking for other scenic places, do visit the Catherine falls which is about 8 km. from the dam.

The best thing about the place is that pretty much everything of need and everything that should be visited can be found in the very close vicinity. Travelling within the city is pretty simple and affordable too. Auto rickshaws can be easily found and on a little bargaining, you can get a good deal. This trip was truly amazing, and I’d recommend the destination to anyone who has the same interest as me!


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