Scenic Beauty At Its Very Best – Avalanche Lake, Ooty!

Nature makes photography a very simple task by providing these places of exorbitant scenic beauty on a platter for the likes of us. Photographers are born with this sort of knack for places that are truly mind-blowingly beautiful and my experience from the Avalanche Lake in Ooty only further proved my point.

An avalanche in the early 1800s was responsible for the creation of the lake, and hence the name stuck for the place. It takes around 40 to 45 minutes to get to the lake from Ooty and cabs can be booked for dropping you to the place. A Safari ride or a bus needs to be hired for the sanctuary tour. The entry fee is Rs. 150 and the jeep, which can hold a maximum of 8 people, will cost around Rs. 1200. The lake and the surrounding areas are absolutely bustling with the life of the natural flora and fauna. Early mornings are the best time to witness the lake.

Avalanche Lake, Ooty

Avalanche Lake, Ooty | Image Resource :

The light mist slowly shredding away with the rising sun along with the noises of the wildlife nearby waking from their nightly slumber is definitely a sight to behold! Trout fishing is one of the major tourist attractions and activities that can be done on the lake, but I did not engage much into that because there were a lot of places I had to visit in the short amount of time that I had.

I would always recommend camping at any place, but alas being in a wildlife sanctuary, camping is strictly off limits. Travelling to the Lake is not very expensive, a bus or a cab can be used to get yourself there. The safari ride is just Rs. 1200 per 8 persons thereafter. For food, too, Ooty is the place you need to wait for. Cheap and amazing food can be found easily in Ooty. The wildlife sanctuary experience is truly amazing, and the scenic beauty makes the trip an absolute must.


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