Ooty Botanic Gardens – Acclaimed To Be One Of The Best Gardens In Tamilnadu!

During my visit to Ooty, I was recommended by one of my friends to visit the Botanical Garden. I reached out to the hotel authorities to get to know the location of the famous garden that was laid in the year 1848.

Following the route provided, I reached the botanical gardens within 30 minutes. I was astonished to see such a vast stretch of flowers and greenery in front of my eyes. Upon enquiring, I got to know that this place was spread in over 22 acres of land, and situated at about 2250 m. above the sea level.

Ooty Botanic Gardens

Ooty Botanical Gardens | Image Resource : journeymart.com

As I entered the gardens, I found out that it was divided into six different sections, and each of them was worth watching. The first section that I encountered was the Lower Garden; this place was a long stretch of green grass. The prime attraction of this place being the carpet bed design of the Indian Union formed by the fossils that are about 20 million years old.

Government Rose Garden Ooty

Government Rose Garden Ooty | Image Resource : ootyexoduscabs.com

After enjoying and clicking some photographs, I further moved on to the New Garden, which felt like heaven. The place had hundreds of varieties of Roses and had the carpet bed emblem of the state of Tamil Nadu. I was stunned to see this masterpiece and spent quite a while staring at that. As I moved on further, I encountered the Italian garden, which was laid down by the prisoners of Italy while they were brought down to Ooty. This part of the Garden looked attractive with the variety of colorful annuals.

Flowers View in Ooty Botanic Gardens

Flowers View in Ooty Botanic Gardens | Image Resource : excitingindia.in

Moving further, I encountered the Conservatory as well as the Nursery. The latter was situated about 300 feet above the other sections and had eight glass houses. The Conservatory was constructed in the year 1912 and had a variety of Annuals such as Cineraria, Balsam, etc.

This experience and journey of the garden filled me out with an astonishing energy and made me feel fresh. I would have missed a part of Ooty if had not gotten a chance to visit this place.


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