A Wonderful Stay in Hotel Nahar Niligris Ooty: Exotic Views and Great Amenities!

While planning my trip to the Nilgiri Hills, I also decided to stay somewhere which was located amidst good views. I was particularly looking for a place or a hotel that would be close to the blue mountains and had gone through numerous sites looking for the same. As I was browsing through the list, I came across hotels that were a bit expensive for my budget or some were located far away from the Nilgiris.

Then I came across this hotel named Hotel Nahar Nilgiris, Ooty that surprisingly was offering me all the services I needed at a very affordable price. Hence, I finally narrowed down to this hotel and booked it for my trip to the Nilgiris.

Hotel Nahar Nilgiris Ooty

Hotel Nahar Nilgiris Ooty | Image Resource : mouthshut.com

On my way to the hotel, I experienced some of the most exotic views and was enthralled to see the deep valleys. I was happy to find that the hotel was located in the midst of such a beautiful valley. The place was just 2 km away from the station at Ooty and was a bit far from the Airport. But the beautiful location amongst this valley did not let me feel a bit of tiredness.

As I arrived at the hotel, I was welcomed very warmly and immediately escorted to my room. I was stunned to see how beautifully the rooms were decorated and cleaned. The hotel provided the perfect ambiance for me to relax and enjoy my stay amidst the beautiful landscape.

Hotel Nahar Nilgiris Ooty Restaurant View

Hotel Nahar Nilgiris Ooty Restaurant View | Image Resource : gos3.ibcdn.com

The place not only did act as a tourist hotel, but to my surprise had two well-built conference rooms for organizing meetings, etc.  Nilgiris also has a number of restaurants that offer their customers vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian meals. Some of the prominent restaurants that I noticed were The Garden Café and Chandan Multi Cuisine Restaurant.

Suite View Hotel Nahar Nilgiris Ooty

Suite View Hotel Nahar Nilgiris Ooty | Image Resource : ushuaiabeachhotel.com

The staff was very friendly and helpful and when asked guided me to the number of tourist locations that were in a proximity to the hotel. Some of the places that I visited were Rose Garden, Ooty Lake, and The Pykara Lake. The atmosphere of Ooty and hospitality of the hotel turned this experience into a beautiful memory to cherish.


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