Puddokotai Museum – A Glimpse Of The Ancient Culture And Civilisation

Being an ancient art lover, I had this craving for visiting various museums and art galleries. Ever year, I used to take out time from my work schedule and give myself a chance to learn and explore more about the Indian History. This time, I decided to go visit the Government Museum, located in the state of Tamil Nadu.

I had heard many praises of this place and hence without a delay, booked my ticket to Tamil Nadu. The flight was a comfortable one, and I reached the airport in around 2 hours. After freshening up at the hotel, I finally hired a taxi that took me to this museum located in Puddukkottai district. I also learned  from the taxi driver that this museum is the secod largest museum in the state of Tamil Nadu that was estabished in the year 1910.

I entered this magnificent museum and found out that unlike other museums that I had visited, this museum had not adopted any sort of fashion for tidiness and simplification  which tends to pare down and homogenise the once cluttered public museums across the world. The place still has that wild and attractive profussion of objects.

Govt.museum, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu

Govt.museum, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu | Image Resource : thehindu.com

The place had become very charming for me with its toys and playing cards from the nearby royal household, stuffed snakes and porcupines and hand made boomerangs. There were marbels from the Buddhist period as well as paintings and images from the twelfth century. The place also had a magnificent collection of bronze that were produced by the Hindu Chola Dynasty.

Moving down the museum, I was shocked or rather surprised to see the fossils of about 200 types of birds and their eggs that were placed on display. There were also a huge number of bird eggs, fishes and mammals that were on display.

Next section provided complete details about the textiles those were made and used in that period. The design as well as embroidery on them revealed how skilled our ancestors were.

The place was definitely worth visiting as it provided me a glimpse of the life and culture of the area and also made me proud to be the descendants of such great ancestors.


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