Biodiversity at its finest – Mukurthi National Park, Ooty

There are just some places in the world which, even on multiple visits, still have the same spellbinding effect on you. Mukurthi National Park in Ooty is that place for me. No matter how many times I visit, I get the same excitement as my very first time.

Ooty is absolutely bustling with natural wildlife, biodiversity and scenic beauty, naturally making it any photographer’s dream destination. There are more beautiful tourist destinations here than can be counted on one hand. It will take quite some time to hit every destination, but Mukurthi National Park should be on everyone’s list. As a huge fan of trekking, camping and everything that gets me a little closer to the nature, I decided to make the Mukurthi National Park a destination on my tour to Ooty.

Ukurthi National Park, Ooty

Ukurthi National Park, Ooty | Image Resource :

The national park is 27 km from Ooty, and it is a really convenient and affordable ride from Ooty. The scenic beauty and the lively natural landscapes on the way to Mukurthi National Park are a definite plus. Although prior permission is required from the forest department to camp at the park, it is fairly easy to do so, and I did not encounter any significant problems in trying to acquire my permit.

I would definitely recommend the camping experience. The dawn where you can clearly hear every bit of the nature’s sounds is an absolutely surreal experience, and one everyone should try to experience. Photographing opportunities at the park, because of its immense collection of flora and fauna, are so many that I had to change the memory card of my camera, multiple times.

Accommodation, too, is easily available near the national park, but I would recommend you to stay in the Ooty city that is roughly 27 km away from the park. It is more affordable, and the ride till the national park is one everyone must have. The Mukurthi Dam, which is around 5 to 6 km from the national park, is also a great tourist spot and it will not take long for you to trek there.

Mukurthi National Park is a place I would definitely visit again!


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