Things To Know Before You Paraglide

Learn about your gear : Knowing each and every aspect of your equipment is very important. You also need to know how to check your gear before flying. While paragliding, this is the most important part of your skill and safety training.

Understand the weather : Paragliding is a sport that totally relies on weather. Therefore, as a paraglider you must know how to interpret the weather. Paragliding should never be attempted in a bad weather. Nature can be unpredictable sometimes. So, fly when the weather is good and enjoy your paragliding.


Paragliding | Image Resource :

Understand the basics of Paragliding: To be a professional paraglider, make sure you understand flying, be it aerodynamics, analysing the weather condition, handling and using the gears, landing techniques etc. This will greatly help you evolve as a glider.

Get certified according to your competency : Developing your paragliding skill is a step by step process. It is a learning process and I would recommend that you get trained by a professional. Once you know how to paraglide, you should get certified and licensed as a glider. Such training will prepare you to paraglide under different conditions.

Choose your training program : There are different types of paragliding courses such as full pilot license, day courses, beginner course, and paragliding and cross country tours.

Learning Paragliding Activity

Learning Paragliding Activity  | Image Resource :

If this is your first time, I would prefer that you go for a beginner training program. This will help you learn and understand paragliding as well as make you comfortable about paragliding. However, experienced paragliders often go for the refresher courses to brush up their skills.

Know the Age limitation :

As a paraglider, you must be 18 and above. However, A 16 year old individual can only paraglide under the guidance of a professional along with a signed consent from his/her guardian.

A paraglider should be mentally as well as physically strong, have better vision and should not be having any heart problems.

These are some of the points that must be considered before you paraglide. I’m hoping that you guys found this particular post interesting. Feel free to share your tips and suggestions. I would be more than happy to read your comments.


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