Haryana To Darjeeling – Via Land And Air

Being a photographer, my job entails travelling to beautiful places. Darjeeling being the queen of hills has always been my fascination. So when I got an assignment, I jumped with joy since I could mix work with pleasure!

I checked the availability of Darjeeling flights and the hotel offers on the travel app on my smart phone. Packing was just getting the basics along with my lifelong companion, my camera. Sprucing up my camera and every part of it is something I do ritualistically and this time it was no exception. I used the travel app on my mobile to check the PNR number and hotel confirmation before leaving the house.

Delhi Cant Railway Station

Delhi Cant Railway Station | Image Resource : indiarailinfo.com

The first leg of the journey was from Narnaul railway Station to Delhi Cantt Railway Station by Chetak Express. As a thumb rule, I leave the house two hours before the scheduled time. You can always trust the Indian traffic to play spoil sport. I reached the station half an hour before the arrival of the train. As the train arrived, along with the other passengers, I sneaked into the aisle to find my seat.

As I reached Delhi Cantt Railway station, I caught hold of a cab that took me to the Indira Gandhi Airport. Here, there was a waiting for three hours. I opened my ipad to research on my new assignment. I browsed through some of the beautiful images of Darjeeling. Oh! I am going to miss the toy train from Siliguri. Nevertheless, there are much more for me to soak myself into pure ecstasy of nature.

Indigo Airlines

Indigo Airlines | Image Resource : biharprabha.com

The Indigo airlines flight was right at time. As it took off from the ground, I looked down from the window. The rapidly disappearing land-dune, roads, tracks got lost in no time and I found myself amid pristine cloud. The airhostess greeting with a tray of soft drink and some eatable brought me back to reality. It is so easy for creative people like us to just space out and get lost in our own world. This time I planned another escapade. I put the ear on closed my eyes and went into another drift of musical trance. Don’t wake me up before we reach the Bagdogra Airport.


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