The Awe-inspiring Tranquility At The Peace Pagoda

A ten minutes’ drive down the Darjeeling town center, at Jalapahar hills stands the Peace Pagoda. It displays four avatars of Lord Buddha and the top view provides some of the mind boggling sights of the snowcapped mountains. Close to the Peace Pagoda is a Japanese temple known as Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple.

View Of Japanese Peace Pagoda

View Of Japanese Peace Pagoda | Image Resource :

I have always wondered, why most of the holy shrines are located on the mountains? Why the saints always choose the hills to be there home when they venture out in pursuit of spirituality? What do they find in the mountains that they don’t get in the plain land? Today, I have got the answers for my all questions. The serenity and tranquility in the laps of Mother Nature helps you to be in tune with the rhythm of the universe. It is like celebration of nature, life and universe all at the same time. This is where you realize the true value of human life. You soak in all the positive vibrations of the universe and become one with that.

Japanese Peace Pagoda

Japanese Peace Pagoda | Image Resource :

Upon entering the gate of the Japanese temple, the road first goes downhill and then up hill. The Peace Pagoda is the tallest free standing built in Darjeeling with a height of 28.5 meters and diameter of 23 meters. Two concrete models of lions on the two sides at lower level greet you as you climb up the stairs in the Pagoda. Designed by Dr. M Okha from Japan, the pagoda has statues of Buddha carved in the wall and painted in golden color.

Great Departure in Peace Pagoda | Image Resource :

Great Departure in Peace Pagoda | Image Resource :

I took a walk around the Peace Pagoda. There are beautiful artwork embedded on the sand stones telling tales about the life of Buddha and his forerunners. Some of the other panoramic views from the Peace Pagoda include The Japanese temple at a backdrop of pine trees as you look straight down. And all of this encompassed by the beautiful Himalayan range. This is a place that both I and my camera loved to the core. The place casts a spell on your nerves and you just can’t help but give in to the sheer bliss.


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