Useful tips for Taj Mahal Photography

I was in Punjab to attend a cousin’s wedding thats when we decided to check out this glorious Indian monument called “The Taj Mahal”. So after the wedding, we went on a drive to Agra. My friend wanted me to teach them to capture the perfect photograph of Taj Mahal. I have been to Agra numerous times and have captured hundreds of beautiful photographs of Taj Mahal.

The best thing about Taj Mahal is that you can capture some really amazing shots from various angles. Still every shot looks like a totally different picture. So, in this blog I will be sharing with you guys some basic tips that will help you capture a perfect photograph of Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal | Image Resource :

Taj Mahal Photography Tips :

Friday Special :

It is friday, you are at Taj Mahal and it’s closed. If you are a photographer then don’t be disappointed because I have a great idea to cheer you up. You should head to the Moonlight Garden across Yamuna river. Since the Taj Mahal complex is closed for visitors on Friday, you can capture an amazing picture of Taj Mahal alone without a human soul in your frame.

Use Wide Angle Lens :

If you are try to capture a photograph from a ground angle then you should probably have a wide angle lens. This allows you to beautifully capture the entire structure of Taj Mahal.

Early Photography :

Early morning stills of Taj Mahal are amongst one of my favourite pictures.Taj Mahal is crowded throughout the day but the crowd is a lot lesser if you visit it early in the morning. You can get a cleaner picture with less people to distract you.

Let the Sun Shine

This beautiful monument is entirely made up of pure marble. Taj Mahal looks better in sunlight. It brings out a different glow in the same picture.

Zoom it.

If you can use the zoom lens then you will get some really beautiful pictures from different angle.

These are some of my favorite methods for capturing a perfect picture of Taj Mahal. I’m hoping that this post was useful to you.


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