Our Comfortable Journey From Chandigarh To Pune In SpiceJet !

Being a photographer by profession, travelling across the world has always been one of my desires. Sometimes I love exploring new places like a lone wolf, and sometimes I take my close friends along with me. There are some places where you like going alone, particularly in the hilly areas where the terrains are quite treacherous.

But, this time I decided to make my destination as Pune. Accompanied with three close friends of mine, I went ahead with the booking of flight tickets. They too shared the same enthusiasm for visiting this lovely place in Maharashtra.

Chandigarh Airport

Chandigarh Airport | Image Resource : tribuneindia.com

After discussing a little with my friends, I chose SpiceJet airlines as our option. This airline company is certainly known for its low cost flight services, and it suits as well. Fortunately, I got the best deals and saved some good amount of money by booking at the right time. Now, it was the time to plan the itinerary.

Spicejet Airlines

Spicejet Airlines | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

There are lots of places in Pune that we had planned to visit, including museums, parks, zoos, and definitely, the famous palaces. This city is definitely a heaven for photographers who wish to capture all sorts of images in their cameras. We all were waiting patiently for the day of journey to arrive, and it did. Fortunately, I had gathered ample amount of details regarding the Pune flight hotel deals, which made it easier for us to find the best accommodation within our budget.

Indira Gandhi Airport New Delhi

Indira Gandhi Airport New Delhi | Image Resource : abplive.in

When the day of journey came, all three of us were at the Chandigarh airport. Our first flight was from Chandigarh to New Delhi. It was 08:55 in the morning, and the duration was 1 hour and 10 minutes. We boarded on the flight and the flight landed perfectly on time.

Lohegaon Airport Pune

Lohegaon Airport Pune | Image Resource : aera.gov.in

From New Delhi, our flight to Pune was in the evening, at 5:25. Meanwhile, we roamed around the local markets in Delhi, came back to the airport by 3pm after having a light meal. Once again we were inside the SpiceJet flight, and the journey of 2 hours and 5 minutes passed quite smoothly. By 7:30pm, we were in Pune!


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