Peaceful And Serene Atmosphere At Saras Baug!

While my friend was chatting online with his Pune friend, he was told that Saras Baug is one of the beautiful attractions of the city. It not just has a historical essence, but is a great place to spend some leisure time with friends as well. When inquired about it with the locals of Pune, they too suggested us to visit the place.

There were so many positive facts given about the place that we had to visit there. We planned to go there. Even one of the staff of the hotel accompanied us to Saras Baug as he was a devotee of Ganpati whose temple is in the garden or Baug in Marathi. It is good to have some local as lot of information can be learnt from him or her about a new place in the new city.

Entrance Of Saras Baug

Entrance Of Saras Baug | Image Resource :

On the way, he told us a story about the place. This place had a lake in earlier days, and while Parvati (our next destination) was in construction process, Peshwas used to come here and inspect whether the work is going on properly. They ordered the workers to make a 25 acre land, which should have a pond and a beautiful garden. Eventually, the lake dried and the garden is left now for the visitors. It was a sweet and nice story, and by the time he finished we arrived at the place.

Saras Baug Pune

Saras Baug Pune | Image Resource :

After spending some cool moments in the garden, we headed towards the temple. It was Sarasbaug Ganapati Mandir of Siddhivinayak. The temple was crowded and we came to know a fact that around ten thousand devotees come here each day. We offered our prayers and sat in the corner of the temple. Well, though I am not so religious, but I was felling at peace here.

Sarasbaug Ganesha Temple, Pune

Sarasbaug Ganesha Temple, Pune | Image Resource :

It was in 1784 when Sawai Madhavarao Peshwa constructed the temple and used to worship here. Now, the temple is popular and lots of Punekars come here often. It was a good place, and all of us had a good time listening to various stories of Peshwas. Peshwas played a key role for Punekars, this is what we summarised from the old stories.


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