One Of The Beautiful Temples Of Pune And Also Its Pride- Parvati Hill!

Pune is a lively city; it has many things to offer to the tourists. Monuments, parks, temples, and adventure places- Pune is filled with excitement. When I woke up, I experienced cool wind from the balcony. After visiting two temples already, my heart wanted to spend some more time at religious places. And my friends told me about Parvati Hill when we were having our morning tea.

Parvati Hill is the pride temple of the city; it is located at 2100 feet above the sea level. We hired bikes from the hotel we stayed in, and started our trip to the famous Parvati Mandir. It took about 2 hours approximately for us to reach the destination; we parked our bikes and raised our heads to get the glimpse of the temple. The locals told us that there are 103 steps; we were excited to climb them to get a new adventurous experience.

Parvati Hill Pune

Parvati Hill Pune | Image Resource :

Finally, we were up and that moment brought wide brim on our faces. The architecture of the temple reflected the views and tradition of Peshwa dynasty which ruled during that time. The spellbinding sight from the top of the entire city left us calm for some time. All of us were stunned, didn’t speak up for a while, and just gazed all over. The philosophical souls inside us got evoked in for some minutes.

We came to know that the opening and closing time of the temple are 5 am and 8 pm respectively. The local Maharashtrians were jolly people and served us Prasad. Parvati Hill includes 5 temples, each of Shiva and Parvati known as Devdeveshwar temple, Vitthal temple, Kartikeya, Rama, and of Vishnu. We worshiped and then I was off alone to grab some panoramic views of the entire place.

Well, as all temples have a great history behind, so does Parvati Hills. I came to know many interesting stories of why it was built, how it was built, and when. All of them were fascinating indeed. After spending a couple of hours solo, I went near my friends and we took some group pictures.


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